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Pinnacol spending bill may limit expenses even further

A bill designed to put a stop to lavish "business" trips taken by government entities, such as Pinnacol Assurance, was laid over Wednesday after Democratic senators proclaimed the bill still too lenient with taxpayer dollars. The bill was laid over in the Senate Judiciary Committee to determine support for an amendment.

Former NM governor set to run for president

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson will announce a run for president in April, according to a report from Fox News on Friday. Johnson served two terms as governor in the 1990s and early 2000s and has often been cited a a potential presidential candidate, including for the Libertarian Party.

Pinnacol golden parachute packages fuel more calls for stricter oversight

Quasi-government entity Pinnacol Assurance company responded to an audit review yesterday in which it was disclosed that the worker's compensation firm "of last resort's" board of directors had approved "Golden Parachutes" for it executive officers in the case that it is released into the private sector. Some state lawmaker's expressed shock at the revelation, while advocacy group Colorado Ethic's Watch decried the action as one more in a string of concerns muddying the companies transparency that provided the perception of a board in bed with the company it is charged to oversee. Toro called for new rules peventing gifts between Pinnacol and its board.

Profitable Pinnacol workers comp resists lawmaker efforts to increase public input

DENVER-- A controversial bill that aims to diversify and open up decision-making at Pinnacol Assurance, the impressively profitable quasi-governmental workers compensation insurance provider, passed out of the House Judicial Committee Friday on a mostly partisan vote. The hearing highlighted the tensions that define Pinnacol, an entity designed to serve the public but also required to act as a business.
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