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Pace demands Tipton apologize for ‘feeling good’ about high unemployment, gas...

Sal Pace is calling for U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton to immediately apologize for his campaign manager's remark that “we feel good” about high unemployment, expensive gas and the nation's enormous debt.

VIDEO: New ad ties Romney to Big Oil

Priorities USA Action this week released an ad it says reveals Mitt Romney’s ties to Big Oil companies. According to Priorities, dedicated to protecting progressive leaders against what they call “misleading attacks,” the true motivation for Big Oil’s criticism of President Obama is to elect Mitt Romney, who the group says “stands to protect Big Oil’s profits at the expense of middle class Americans.”

Survey says Coloradans are fed up with oil companies, want more...

Coloradans blame market speculation and oil companies for high gas prices, and the vast majority say the best way to bring prices down is to crackdown on market manipulation, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Udall, Dems blame speculators for high gas prices; Tipton, GOP finger...

As Democrats such as Colorado Sen. Mark Udall blame speculation in the financial markets for skyrocketing gas prices, Republicans – including U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton of Colorado – continue to target Obama administration policies. This time Tipton is fingering the Federal Reserve.

Udall, Democratic senators point finger at oil speculators for high gas...

Several Democratic senators, including Mark Udall, are staging a media stakeout at the U.S. Capitol today to voice their concerns over the role of complicated finance speculation in high gas prices.

Senate votes to continue big oil subsidies

Even as a non-partisan report was released showing that cutting tax breaks for oil companies would probably not result in higher pump prices for American drivers, the United States Senate voted Tuesday to continue letting oil companies avoid taxes.

Congressional report: Cutting oil company tax breaks is unlikely to affect...

Opponents of ending tax breaks for big oil companies argue that closing tax loopholes will result in higher prices at the pump, but a report from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service finds that ending the tax breaks is unlikely to cause a rise in prices.

Despite spiking gas prices, Colorado oil shale years from production …...

Observers of the century-long quest to extract oil from the shale rocks of Colorado’s Western Slope are fond of saying “oil shale is the fuel of the future … and always will be.” Never commercially viable because of the costs and resources needed to heat and extract the kerogen trapped in the rocks, an estimated 2 trillion barrels of shale oil remains locked up – perhaps forever.

Road warriors thwarted by transportation logistics

A group planning to protest the rising price of fuel Monday with a parade through downtown Denver was foiled when its organizer couldn’t find transportation from New Jersey to the Mile-High city.
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