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Glenn Beck wrapping up at Fox, plans to save world at...

Glenn Beck, one-time shock jock now wildly emotive and popular TV political conspiracy theorist, is airing his last regular show on the Fox network tonight. He plans to stride from the Fox studio after his nightly show to the home of his new "GBTV" outlet to do a post-Fox interview-- not with any media talking head but with regular people who will participate in a live Q&A. To hear GB talk about his new venture, it's going to be typically low key and free of grandiose aspirations. "It's the end of an era and the beginning of the future," as Beck puts it. "We're five years ahead on this.... You're going to have to think about this outside the box. There is no box that could fit this." GBTV will be an alternative to the U.S. government, a place where you can "get involved and turn ideas into action" and begin to "turn the country around" and finally "move forward and find real solutions."