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Muslim group decries Grantham comments as unAmerican

"The only news is that it's no longer news that a Republican lawmaker spews anti-Muslim bigotry," said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Religious freedom confusions: Banning mosques and vouchers for Muslim schools

Louisiana Republican Rep. Valerie Hodges wants a do over. When she enthusiastically supported Gov. Bobby Jindal's private school voucher program this year, she had no idea Muslim schools and Christian schools would enjoy the same access to public funding.

Video: Tancredo says U.S. last hope of western world

Tom Tancredo said on Saturday the United States is the last hope for the Western world after the fall of Europe to "Islamasization." "Why is it so important, why does everyone have to explain the importance of having other people come to keep aspects of their culture but attack our desire to retain our own?" Tancredo asked the audience while speaking the Conservative Western Summit. Tancredo was part of a host of guest speakers inlcuding Michele Bauchmann, Michelle Malkin and other talk-radio-regulars speaking to a crowded ballroom at the summit hosted by the Centenial Insitute and 710 KNUS.
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