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VIDEO: Reagan and Bush were far to the left of current...

Once again, Republican candidates are clamoring to be more like Ronald Reagan. There may be no higher compliment on the right than to be considered Reaganesque. Of course, once you drill down, Reagan's actual positions on taxes, spending and immigration may well fit in better in the Democratic Party than in the current GOP.

Colorado clergy join in calling for a federal budget fair to...

Prominent Christian pastors in the United States who have dedicated themselves to serving the poor and most vulnerable citizens don't believe in trickle-down economics and they don't believe the problem of poverty should be left for churches to address. More than 4,000 of those pastors signed an open letter to that effect addressed to President Obama and the members of Congress, urging them as they hammer out a federal budget not to make poor and hungry Americans bear the burden of reducing the nation’s deficit. More than 95 pastors and clergy members in Colorado signed the letter, which appeared in Politico Wednesday.

Perry’s prayer event part of a larger effort by conservative Christians...

It appears the evolution of Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer event began even earlier than recently reported in Time, and is part of a wider strategy by influential conservative Christian figures to unseat President Barack Obama in 2012.

Bush tells hedge funders he was eating souffle when he got...

George W Bush has been mostly mum on the death of Osama bin Laden but he talked openly about getting the news from President Obama with hedge fund managers conferencing at the swank Bellagio hotel in Vegas this week. He was eating souffle at Rise Restaurant when the president called. He told Obama that he had "made a good call" on the helicopter mission into Pakistan. He told the Bellagio crowd he was "not overjoyed" at the news, that chasing bin Laden was never about hatred but about justice.

Meg Whitman says GOP needs to grow up on immigration

Speaking a George Bush Institute conference in Dallas, California's recent losing GOP candidate for governor Meg Whitman said the GOP has it all wrong on immigration--or at least has the language wrong.

Bush EPA official says policy is too lenient on fracking

Benjamin Grumbles, the EPA administrator in charge of water quality issues during the Bush administration, now says that a preliminary study done by the EPA should not have been used to deregulate the practice of hydrofracking.

Institute for Civil Discourse opens at University of Arizona

When the shootings in Arizona happened in January--killing or injuring more than 20 people--there was an immediate cry from some quarters for more civility in American politics. Today, the University of Arizona is doing something about it as it announces the creation of the National Institute for Civil Discourse.

Bush Administration violated Hatch Act in campaigning against Perlmutter

A report released yesterday by the Office of Special Counsel (pdf) indicates that the George W. Bush White House violated the Hatch Act by spending taxpayer money to send a cabinet level official to Colorado to campaign for Rick O’Donnell in his 2006 run against Ed Perlmutter for what was then an open congressional seat.

Flashback: Tancredo on the virtual border fence boondoggle

The long-coming death of the Bush-era project to build a "virtual fence" along the U.S.-Mexico border was officially announced Friday. Since 2005, taxpayers have shelled out $15 million a mile for roughly 53 miles of networked cameras, ground sensors and radar that can't tell the difference between swaying plants and border-hopping humans. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the Obama administration is scrapping the Boeing-contracted billion-dollar boondoggle in favor of "proven technologies" like chain link. Colorado anti-illegal immigration warrior and conservative politics icon Tom Tancredo last year said the Obama administration likely has mixed feelings about the end of the virtual fence project. He said the non-fence was great for Democrats because it served the dual purpose of making it seem like the country was addressing the flow of illegal immigration without actually addressing the problem.

GOP Latino group calls on Republican senators to support DREAM Act

Latino advocacy group Somos Republicans is calling on GOP Senators to support the youth-immigrant DREAM Act when it comes up for vote Thursday and...