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NARAL pounds McCain-Palin: ‘more anti-choice’ than Bush-Cheney

Just days after hitting Colorado mailboxes with its first mailer criticizing John McCain's positions on reproductive issues, NARAL Pro-Choice America sent a second flyer on Friday to Republican and unaffiliated women in Colorado. The flyer warned that the McCain-Palin ticket is "downright dangerous" for women. The abortion-rights group also pointed to a poll released Wednesday that shows the same Republican and unaffiliated women voters prefer Barack Obama 48-44 percent if they identify themselves as pro-choice.

Colorado’s movers and shakers busy bundling presidential cash

Eight years ago they were Bush "Pioneers." By the 2004 election, if they did really well, they rose to "Ranger" status. No matter the name, the top 548 political fundraisers for George W. Bush utilized a practice called "bundling" to funnel hundreds of thousands each to the presidential campaign — and in turn often received sweet political payouts. Today, the practice, which revolutionized presidential politics, has been refined by both parties and is more rampant in this election cycle than any before.

The elephant in the room: GOP could postpone, retool convention

As Gustav bears down on the Gulf Coast three years to the day after Katrina shattered New Orleans, Republicans say they could go so far as to delay next week's national convention in St. Paul. Party officials tell the Washington Post it would be a public relations nightmare to stage a giant party during a natural disaster, but a hurricane that threatens New Orleans poses particular problems for the GOP.

Bush Impeachment is on Arapahoe Democrats’ Platform

Were not in Boulder anymore, Barney. Earlier this year - and apparently eclipsed by the commotion surrounding Colorado's caucuses - Arapahoe County Democrats...

Security And The Presidential Visit

When President Bush made his way to Colorado a week ago, local law enforcement assisted with security. In Denver the police presence was minimal, according...

Bush In Denver, With Malcontents

As President Bush visited Denver last Friday, hundreds of protesters lined the street and voiced their opposition. And, while their reasons were different, there...