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Wiretap: Snow-free olympics, out footballers, contraception confusion

The scandal is that, if the climate change people are right, we may soon run out of places to hold the Winter Olympics.

Littwin: Books I’ve Read This Year, 2013

I write this one to spread the word about great literature and so I can take a tax deduction on all the money I spend on books (and coffee) at the Tattered Cover doing, uh, research.

Wiretap: Who needs citizenship?

Does it have to be citizenship or nothing? According to the New York Times, that's the question being asked in parts of the undocumented-immigrant community now that the Senate-passed reform bill has predictably stalled in the House.

Exasperated Bennet ‘driven nutty’ by deeply dysfunctional Senate

Michael Bennet is battling hard in a nasty Democratic primary for the right to keep his seat in the U.S. Senate, even though he...
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