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Rove greeted by right-wing protesters in Colorado Springs

Former President George W. Bush's chief of staff and senior adviser Karl Rove was greeted by right-wing protesters Wednesday evening at the annual Lincoln Dinner in Colorado Springs, a fundraiser for the El Paso County Republican Party.

John Salazar tells a funny story about one very awkward lunch...

Agriculture Commissioner John Salazar regales Water Congress members with a story about what happens when a Colorado farm boy is invited to lunch at the White House.

Colorado GOP loses Hasan

Muhammad Ali Hasan, a member of the wealthy and influential Colorado Republican Hasan family and a past state House and treasurer candidate, said he is switching parties. Speaking at the University of Colorado-Boulder on his experience growing up Muslim in the American West and later in conversation with the Colorado Independent, Hasan said he is ending his affiliation with the party for the bigotry he believes has shaped Republican politics over the last year. The FOX News regular and founder of Muslims for Bush said he met recently with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the controversial Democratic leader won him over.

Stapleton has injected more than $200,000 into his own campaign

Walker Stapleton, a member of the Bush family and the Republican nominee for Colorado Treasurer, has now given his own campaign cash and in-kind...

Recalling Bush-Rove Romanoff-style negotiations

Republicans are working overtime today to make political hay out of Colorado Senate hopeful Andrew Romanoff’s revelation that the White House suggested three jobs...

GOP lawmakers protest ‘government takeover’ of student lending

A group of Republicans this afternoon will meet with reporters to protest the Democrats’ plans to eliminate tens of billions of dollars in government subsidies to private companies that lend to students. The Democrats’ bill would have students borrow directly from the U.S. Treasury, which makes sense to supporters because it’s the Treasury that currently assumes all the risk for those loans anyway — a boon to private companies that assume no risk. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that eliminating the private middleman will save $67 billion over the next decade, most of which will go toward expanding college scholarships to low-income students.

Right-wingers go for gold medal in hypocrisy over Obama Chicago bid

As conservatives continue to gleefully hurl javelins Barack Obama’s way for his failed bid to even get his adopted hometown of Chicago on the...

Dobson on Bush: Greatest president or greatest president ever?

Exhorting the eminence of former President George W. Bush, Focus on the Family's James Dobson and its new lobbyist Tim Goeglein, who left the White House as a disgraced former aide to Karl Rove, waxed rhapsodic for the better part of 90 minutes on the radio about the former Leader of the Free World's morality, faith and championing of the antiabortion culture wars. The stunning three-part "Insider View of the Bush Presidency" discussion culminated today on Focus on the Family's Daily Broadcast and drew sharp, if unspoken, contrasts with a morally-lacking President Barack Obama.

Right wing writer tabs Bush, Obama in Muslim Brotherhood

CRAZYLAND USA -- Center for Security Policy founder, former Reagan Administration arms control adviser and Washington Times Op-Ed writer Frank Gaffney was apparently driven out of his mind by the "revelations" he found buried in the President's Cairo speech, arguing in the paper today that the speech proved Obama is a Muslim and that even if it didn't exactly prove Obama is a Muslim, well, then it proved that Obama's sympathies lie with Muslim extremists!

Haliburton, KBR shareholders sue firms as proxy for Bush-Cheney cronyism

Remember how MBA George W. Bush was going to be our CEO president? How he was going to run the country like he would run a business? Well, on that promise, at least, he delivered. Americans frustrated by the lack of accountability of the Bush-Cheney administration may get some satisfaction from the knowledge that the Administration ran the main businesses it was tied to the same way it ran the country -- and there is some rich accountability taking hold in that realm.
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