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Updated: Dems lose emergency court appeal to keep polls open

A mid-afternoon hiccup in Colorado's voter registration system led the state Democratic Party to try to extend voting hours in Colorado for another two...

High court non-decision brings marriage equality to one-time ‘hate state’

"I'm shaking with emotion, I've been shaking all day," said Kate Burns, standing before the Federal 10th Circuit Court in Denver.

GOP rising star Navarro-Ratzlaff knows about voter access and election integrity

At the fundraiser tonight, Gessler and Navarro-Ratzlaff likely fired up the Warwick cocktail crowd by talking about the need to guard against voter fraud. It wouldn't be the first time they worked together to stoke heat around the issue.

Libertarian Court Victory Throws Recall Elections into Turmoil

Monday evening, Denver District Judge Robert McGahey ruled that the secretary of state unconstitutionally barred Colorado’s Libertarian party from including the name of its candidates on the September 10 recall-election ballots for Pueblo and Colorado Springs state senate districts.

Colorado Open Records Reform Bill Draws Activist Ire

It is a bill good-government activists were supposed to get behind enthusiastically. Then they read it. Now they now decry it as being ambiguously worded and ripe for abuse.

Corrected Pueblo County inactive voter figures still high

New tallies released by Pueblo County Clerk Bo Ortiz on Thursday put the percentage of "inactive voters" who returned ballots this year at 1,791 or nearly 11 percent of county voters. That's a gain of nearly 5 percentage points from 2009 and well above the previous statewide 3 percent average.

Inactive voters playing major role in Pueblo County election

Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert "Bo" Ortiz defended his right to send ballots to "inactive voters" this year over the objections of Secretary of State Scott Gessler. Ortiz told the Colorado Independent he believes his main objective as clerk is to facilitate participation in elections and, on that score, he has succeeded. As of Monday night, 16 percent of the county's roughly 17,000 inactive voters had cast ballots. That's 2,700 votes, nearly 9 percent of all votes cast in the county, which is a lot of votes.

VIDEO: Gilbert Ortiz portrayed as national voting rights hero on Rachel...

When it rains, it pours, and when a reporter finds a good story, they don't let go. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow seems to have found a good story in Colorado. This week, she ran her third segment on Secretary of State Scott Gessler's efforts to stop county clerks from mailing ballots to inactive voters.

VIDEO: Gessler skewered on Rachel Maddow

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow skewered Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler last night, relying heavily on the work of the Colorado Independent's John Tomasic in a report titled "Things to Sue in Denver When You're Suppressing Votes."

Pained Ortiz to comply with Gessler order: No ballots for the...

Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert "Bo" Ortiz will comply with Secretary of State Scott Gessler's order not to send ballots to soldiers out of state who are legally registered Pueblo County voters but who failed to cast ballots in 2010. The news came Friday afternoon in a carefully worded release that came after hours of deliberation.
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