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This weekend’s RedState gathering in Colorado took place in heart of...

  DENVER —  Former Fox News host Glenn Beck looked weary as he addressed reporters in a conference room of the downtown Grand Hyatt hotel...

A West Slope political tussle over fruit trees land and fruit...

Fruit trees, UN-plot theories and a big chunk of land with his name on it... Former Congressman and rookie county commissioner Scott McInnis lands in a new swirl of controversy.

Occupy Movement may get free billboards

Occupy Wall Street and its many spinoffs may be on its way to getting at least one billboard. EpicStep will donate a billboard if at least 20,000 people go online and vote for a design and a city to place it in. If enough people vote, EpicStep has announced it will donate two billboards in the heart of Times Square.

Colorado’s Rep. Coffman: In the district and off the farm

Colorado Sixth District Congressman Mike Coffman is making national headlines for trotting out a Glenn Beck-style Obama conspiracy theory on Denver talk radio. He said the president is secretly working to grant citizenship to millions of undocumented residents who will return the favor by voting for Obama next November. That's great radio except, as Colorado media watchdogger Jason Salzman points out, illegal residents can't become citizens until they're legal residents, and none of that could happen for any of them by anywhere close to Election Day. More than that, the theory dovetailed with a bill Coffman recently sponsored to strip languages other than English from voter ballots, the two taken together making Coffman seem provocatively anti-Latino. The "undocumented resident voter" theory isn't the only out-there bit Coffman has delivered lately. His handlers might have pulled in the reins after the loose nuggets he tossed out at a GOP fundraiser in Denver last week.

Video: Tea Party movie all about American exceptionalism but paced like...

"The justice of man is rot," which is why the Tea Party has swerved clear of traditional left-wing Hollywood and made its own contribution to the pop-culture U.S. history canon. Courage, New Hampshire, is a one-hour drama made by Tea Partiers for Tea Partiers that shines out with Christian faith and American exceptionalism and the unfettered right to bear muskets. After debuting Sunday in Monrovia, California, it heads straight to DVD.

The conservative rallying cry: We want our NPR

From Idaho Falls, Idaho, to the heart of Appalachia, conservative country folk have at least one thing in common: They want their National Public Radio.

Glenn Beck ends speculation, cancels Fox News show

Ending increasing speculation about the fate of his controversial daily show at Fox News, Glenn Beck announced Wednesday that he was ending his three-year run. The show will go off the air "later this year" according to a release. It will no doubt continue to rivet millions of Americans, light up the blogosphere and provide talk-show hosts with a long list of material for satire each day until then.

Pro-labor Wisconsin video roundup: Tony Schultz and Stephen King

The hundred-thousand-plus crowd that filled downtown Madison, Wisconsin, this weekend is being touted as an answer to the Tea Party rallies that cropped up around the country last year. The pro-labor Madison crowds were larger than any of the Tea Party rallies last year, including the one hosted by Fox personality Glenn Beck in Washington on 12 September 2009.

Udall on Matthews show: ‘Politics ought to end on water’s edge’...

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall today, appearing on the MSNBC’s Hardball show with Chris Matthews, said American political infighting should not spill over into how the United States deals with the ongoing popular uprising against the regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.

Caplis: Beck beats Sharpton in representing ideals of King

On KHOW's Caplis and Silverman show Monday, host Dan Caplis, asking whether Glenn Beck or Rev. Al Sharpton represents the ideals of Dr. Martin...
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