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Wiretap: The biggest shutdown questions are what Trump wants and whether...

It would probably be much easier to come to a compromise on the Dreamers and on the government shutdown if the president could say...

Wiretap: Oiling elections, Republican jokers and a flood of water plans

Oily candidate The oil and gas industry, at the end of March, spent $20,000 on a single Fort Collins City Council race in support of Ray Martinez,...

The Snowden era: Tom Engelhardt interviews Laura Poitras

  As voters begin casting their ballots in Colorado, many have lamented the issue-free campaigns that have dominated this year's midterm election season. One of...

ICMYI: Koch-millennials’ group tries to school Udall about good Internet policy

  Jonathan Lockwood, state director for the Koch-funded millennials' political group Generation Opportunity, wrote an interesting op-ed for the Greeley Tribune the other day entitled...

Udall so quiet on his big issue even the NSA can’t...

On the face of it, putting some congressional guardrails on the National Security Agency’s now notorious dragnet collection of citizens’ private communication data seems like the perfect stump for Udall and not a bad bet for Gardner.

Wiretap: Udall rails against ‘culture of misinformation’ on NSA spying

Udall's letter accused the administration of trying to "justify" now demonstrably false statements it made to the Supreme Court in a 2012 case involving NSA surveillance.

Wiretap: What makes a Great Recession

The tech bubble was bad. But it affected rich people. The housing bubble was the same, except much worse, because it affected the middle class. A middle class hit is a round-house blow.

Wiretap: Ignoring Putinism takes olympic-level training

"For sheer moral horror nothing can compare with his role in perpetuating a war that has killed well over 100,000 people and displaced 9 million."

Wiretap: Dropping dud jobs and bunk insurance is… a bad thing?

Now nearly everyone agrees the CBO report says 2 million will leave their jobs because they're no longer trapped there by health insurance concerns. Good news or bad news?

Wikileaks: The killer app for any would-be leakers anywhere

The discussion in the Unites States over the legality of Wikileaks, the wondering over whether it qualifies as an enemy of the state, considerations...
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