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Disputed parenting study introduced in court case challenging DOMA

Just one day after the results of a controversial parenting study were released to the public, the research was used – and misrepresented – in a federal court brief defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Justice Department ratchets up gay rights defense with anti-DOMA Golinski brief

The battle between the Obama Administration and House Republicans over the Defense of Marriage Act (which has come to include GOP state attorneys general like Colorado's John Suthers) took an historic turn last week. Responding to a filing brought by lawyers on behalf of House Republicans and led by conservative legal eagle Paul Clement, the Department of Justice clearly sought to bury a stake deep into the heart of the the act, delivering an expansive brief outlining for the first time the federal government's role in singling out gay and lesbian Americans for discrimination (pdf). Chris Geidner, writing legal analysis at MetroWeekly's progay PoliGlot blog, called the brief a "must read" and "instantly historic" and "the single-most persuasive legal argument ever advanced by the United States government in support of equality for lesbian, gay and bisexual people."
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