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Littwin: Trump towers but stumbles; Fiorina wins GOP debate

We learned many things from the GOP marathon debate, starting with the not-so-startling fact that three hours is a lot of hours as these...

Littwin: Who knows how to deal with Donald Trump?

Let's all agree on this much after the opening night of the GOP debates: Donald Trump, the star of the show, did not disappoint. He...

Perry debuts ‘like a piñata’ at GOP debate, wins applause for...

All eyes focused on Texas Gov. Rick Perry as he made his debate debut Wednesday evening at the fourth GOP showdown, this one hosted by Politico and NBC.

Left out of first GOP debate, gay candidate Karger pushing forward

Members of the media refer to him as a "stunt candidate." He didn't appear on stage in South Carolina last week for the Republican presidential debate because he failed to hit the required support threshold-- 1 percent in five national polls. He won't pull down financial backing from the conservative oil billionaire Koch brothers, nor win over the far-right readers at the RedState blog. Yet, set against the uninspiring candidacies likely to be waged by the men so far lined up to challenge Barack Obama for the White House, Fred Karger's candidacy could be the most influential, if he stays with it. A moderate conservative former Reagan aide, longtime political consultant and civil rights activist, he is also unabashedly gay-- the first ever openly gay GOP candidate for president.