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VIDEO: Huntsman and Johnson call out debate crowd for booing gay...

At Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate in Florida, a gay soldier serving in Iraq was booed by the audience because he asked a question about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. None of the candidates on stage came to his defense.

Republican LGBT influence will not be tolerated, warns FRC

After being tipped off by a recent Washington Blade article about GOP LGBT groups’ attempts to influence the Republican Party platform at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Family Research Council President Tony Perkins says those groups should expect a fight.

GOP gay group wants meeting with Bachmann

A group of gay conservatives have expressed concern over Michele Bachmann’s positions on gay rights. GOProud, a group of LGBT activists more conservative than the Log Cabin Republicans, hopes to defeat President Barack Obama in 2012 and is seeking audiences with all GOP candidates. But it’s Bachmann’s “big government” position on a federal constitutional amendment banning marriage for same-sex couples that has its members concerned

Ron Paul CPAC victory more evidence of stiffening right ideology

WASHINGTON-- The news that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) had won the 2010 CPAC presidential straw poll was leaked early, to soften the blow. Before GOP pollster Tony Fabrizio had even begun to click through a Powerpoint presentation that shared the results, reporters were informed of Paul’s easy, 31 percent victory over nine Republicans tipped as serious 2012 contenders. Those reporters started to write stories on Paul’s surprise win, waiting for the official announcement — and an explosion of jeering and booing in the main ballroom of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. Sighing with relief, press aides for the annual conservative conference made sure that the on-site media had heard that reaction.

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