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Gardner plays up youth in first ad

But it's not a pitch likely to win over youth voters.

Wiretap: Climate change? Boehner wouldn’t presume, is ‘not a scientist’

"Listen, I'm not qualified to debate the science over climate change," Boehner told reporters last week... It's a strange form of reasoning.

Littwin: The purple state and its would-be Tea Party senator

Whatever else you say about Cory Gardner, you have to admire his nerve.

Shutdown strategy report: Obamacare popularity boosted; House GOP popularity tanked

You didn't have to be in the room to know what happened at the big White House shutdown confab Thursday.

Coffman has seen the light — or maybe the oncoming train

Rep. Mike Coffman has seen the light or maybe he's just seen the polls, but now he says he's absolutely, positively in favor of...

Lamborn, Colorado’s ‘suicide caucus’ member, determined to battle over debt ceiling

Lamborn said he's prepared to battle over the nation's debt ceiling and that he aims to expand debate beyond funding for Obamacare to try and win sweeping budget reforms.

Littwin: And the freedom fighters roared

The crackup is coming. You don't have to be a political genius to spot it. Everyone knew it was coming eventually. The only surprise is that the fault lines are moving so quickly.

Down the shutdown rabbit hole: The Tea Party and the hack

It was a powerful image of the shutdown theater at its most absurd: The Capitol Police government officers protecting the people who closed down the government for no good reason.

Chart: Obamacare as presented by The Commonwealth Fund

For 100 years the Fund has been working to deliver better health care to more Americans, especially to the poor, the elderly, the sick. Its simple chart on the Affordable Care Act is damning commentary on the government shutdown.

Nation’s farm bill expires, critical programs shutter as government shuts down

DENVER -- On Monday, as House Republicans determined to defund the Affordable Care Act steered the federal government toward shut down, the limping extension of the now-five-year-old law that governs the nation’s farm policy expired.
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