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Tancredo ruled legal candidate

A Hail Mary pass fell to the ground unclaimed by any eligible receiver today when Denver District Judge William Hood ruled that Tom Tancredo...

Hickenlooper still leads big as Tancredo surpasses Maes

Denver Democratic Mayor John Hickenlooper leads the Colorado gubernatorial race by 21 points, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Tuesday. But more surprising,...

Hick reports raising $403,597 in August

Democrat John Hickenlooper announced today that his campaign raised $403,597 in August. Neither his official campaign finance report nor those of Republican candidate Dan...

Maes, Hick give Tancredo cold shoulder in joint 10-debate schedule

Friday, American Constitution candidate for governor Tom Tancredo issued a statement asking Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper to agree to six one-on-one debates with Tancredo. Apparently...

California highway experts say Hick’s I-70 trucking restrictions could fly

The Colorado Independent on Friday reported that gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper had floated the idea of restricting large truck traffic on I-70 west of Denver during peak hours as a way of alleviating congestion on holiday weekends or on busy ski weekends. The story also quoted a Colorado Department of Transportation spokesman saying that the federal government would not allow such a restriction.

Colorado guv candidates vary widely on tax slashing amendments

DENVER -- In the first Colorado gubernatorial debate Thursday, the candidates who often generally agreed on the issues veered widely in their positions toward three proposed tax-slashing amendments engineered by Colorado anti-government figure Doug Bruce and scheduled for the ballot in November.

Tancredo, Maes oppose bilingual ballots despite federal law

In a debate Thursday, the three gubernatorial candidates were asked whether Colorado should accommodate Spanish-speaking people by printing bilingual ballots. American Constitution Party candidate...

Maes vows to fight ‘culture war between people, machine’

DENVER -- The three candidates for governor met downtown today for a friendly debate. That’s right, there are three candidates still very much in the race, at least to hear them tell it. A relaxed, smiling, joking Dan Maes said he is in it until the end, or at least for as long as he is convinced “the people” want him in it.

Tancredo says he’s pulled in $200,000 since July

American Constitution Party candidate and former Republican congressman Tom Tancredo's campaign said in a release today that it has raised more than $200,000 since...

Maes tells Colorado Independent ‘we aren’t going anywhere’

DENVER -- Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes today told the Colorado Independent he’s staying in the race despite increasing pressure from the Colorado Republican...
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