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Christian writers chastise, praise Ted Haggard’s sins

The verdicts are in following a whirlwind week covering the ever-widening sex, drug and hush money scandal involving Ted Haggard and New Life Church. Meanwhile the flockless pastor spent the week feeding a ravenous media to promote an HBO bio-pic documenting his fall from grace. Not surprisingly, the judgments from the evangelical Christian community are a pretty mixed bag.

TV bounty-hunter sidekick investigates Haggard scandal

Colorado Springs bail bondsman Bobby Brown is now on a self-appointed case to smoke out the unnamed victims of ex-New Life Church Pastor Ted Haggard's sexual misconduct. Can this saga get any more ludicrous?

Haas says New Life reneged on payoff amid new Haggard sex-drug...

The latest sordid episode of Pastor Ted Haggard's sex-and-drug peccadilloes now includes allegations that New Life Church reneged on its offer to provide financial comfort to a young male parishioner who was the object of the evangelical leader's lewd affections. I just hope AP religion reporter Eric Gorski got some combat pay for having to report the details of Haggard's no-hands tryst.
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