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Fewer ‘green’ transportation jobs in stimulus than touted

President Obama’s economic stimulus program might be considered green, but it’s still got a big streak of gray. The $785 billion spending bill that Obama signed Tuesday, shortly after he toured the sparkling solar-paneled roof of the Denver Museum, will save or create 3.5 million jobs over the next two years, according to the White House. Environmental groups, happy about the sharp departure from Bush administration policies, say up to 1.5 million or 40 percent of the jobs created by the unprecedented legislation will be green — meaning they will contribute to decreasing energy consumption, lowering oil demand and switching to renewable sources.

RFK Jr. at DU: Up about the future, down about the...

Addressing sustainable business practice, the environment and public policy, Robert Kennedy Jr. yesterday spoke for two hours before an overflow audience at the University of Denver's Gates Concert Hall.

First candidate emerges to replace term-limited Carroll in HD-7

The race is on. Denver native Mark Mehringer told The Colorado Independent today that he will officially throw his hat in the ring next month to succeed longtime, but term-limited, state Rep. Terrance Carroll (D-Denver) in House District 7. Carroll will become speaker of the Colorado House next month when the 2009 legislative session convenes Jan. 7.

Can energy independence help solve the economic crisis?

Five million green jobs. One million hybrid cars on the road. Some $150 billion in clean-energy investment. Eighty percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions. These are just some of the promises made by President-elect Barack Obama during the long presidential campaign. He is now focused sharply on the nation’s economic woes, saying that solving the grave economic crisis is his top priority. But Obama made many other promises in the name of “change” — expanding health-care coverage, improving education, devising an exit strategy for Iraq, shutting down Guantanamo Bay. Everyone wants to know which of these goals Obama will focus on when he takes office Jan. 20.
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