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5 takeaways from Clinton’s pick of Colorado’s Ken Salazar to lead...

  Hillary Clinton today announced Ken Salazar will lead her White House transition team, drawing cheers from some and jeers from others. The job means Salazar...

Greenpeace charges Dow Chemical with espionage

In a civil suit filed in DC Superior Court this month, Greenpeace is charging Dow Chemical with trespassing, tapping their phones, hacking into their computer systems and infiltrating their organization.

Greenpeace puts Bachmann on ‘Dirty Money Team’

Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann was named by the environmental activist group Greenpeace as one of 15 politicians “who are among those in the House of Representatives working for America’s dirty and decrepit coal-fired power industry.”

Tea Party ralliers praise Ryan budget and Wisconsin union busting

Tea Party and Koch-funded libertarian organizations took to the Capitol steps Friday in an attempt to call on Colorado legislators and politicians to fight against union rights in Wisconsin and voice their commitment to Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan.

‘Good Samaritan’ legal battle pits greens against greens

In the last 15 years, Washington lawmakers have introduced no fewer than 10 pieces of so-called Good Samaritan legislation-- the majority of those laws introduced by Colorado legislators. The legislation is designed to provide legal protection for groups who take it upon themselves to clean up toxic waste. In Colorado, that means cleaning up acid mine drainage. Why has none of the legislation passed? Good Samaritan groups say the most stringent opponents include major environmental groups with Washington lobbyists.
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