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Here come Tancredo and the 26 percenters

The sound you hear is a muffled cheer from inside the confines of the governor's office. Tom Tancredo is in, and John Hickenlooper, who...

Beauprez submits 21K signatures for GOP gov nomination

Two GOP gubernatorial candidates have submitted petitions to get on the primary ballot, while four or five others will seek 30 percent of the state assembly vote. Here's a look at some scenarios.

On the Stump: Greg Brophy, GOP gubernatorial candidate

Listen to candidate Greg Brophy tout his conservative creds on the campaign trail.

Storify: Saturday’s county assembly roundup

Some June 24 primary races are just now heating up, while others are nonexistent after Saturday's county assemblies.

Tancredo first out of gate, turns in 15K petition signatures

Signatures are due Monday. Candidates must gather 1,500 valid signatures from each of the state's seven congressional districts.

New polling is out and it says exactly what you’d think

Let's go straight to the latest PPP polling of Colorado to see: -- Obama unpopular (43-53). -- Obamacare even more unpopular (39-51). -- Therefore Mark Udall barely...

In crowded primary, GOP candidates for governor tout endorsements

Scrambling to differentiate themselves from one another, the seven contenders are trying to line up names that will mean something to primary voters.

Friday fact: Colorado candidate calendars

We took a look at calendar and event listings on several candidate's websites, so you don't have to.

Reanimated Colorado abortion bill fuels anxious opposition

Colorado lawmakers today will consider a bill that would ban abortion, even in cases of rape and incest and make it a Class 3 felony for doctors to perform the procedure.

The gov’s race: There’s extreme, and then there’s extreme

UPDATE: Bob Beauprez's rivals in the GOP gubernatorial primary race weren't exactly welcoming, via the Denver Post. Mike Kopp: "Bob is welcome to join the race,...