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Littwin: ALEC nation

The news is out: ALEC has been officially Snowdened.

ALEC docs reveal relationship with lawmakers no voter could expect to...

Leaked reports prepared this summer by ALEC highlight the priorities of the group and its intimate relationships with and expectations of state lawmakers, specifically state ALEC "chairs," such as Colorado's Sen. Bill Cadman and Rep. Libby Szabo.

Udall Sends Out ‘I Warned You’ Pitch in Wake of Surveillance...

He made impassioned speeches on the Senate floor, held press conferences and appeared on the Sunday talk shows. For years, Colorado Senator Mark Udall has been telling anyone who will listen that key provisions of the Patriot Act are being used by the the government to tread on citizens' constitutional rights to privacy.

The Koch-Cain connection: Presidential candidate a ‘brother from another mother’

He isn't the fifth Beatle. But Herman Cain just may be the fifth Koch brother. The former Godfather's Pizza CEO received a rock star ovation at an Americans for Prosperity summit in Washington, D.C., on Friday night when he declared he feels a deep kinship with the Koch brothers.
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