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Tancredo celebrates napalm and white phosphorous, calls bans ‘UN crap’

Wednesday, retired radio talk show host "Gunny" Bob Newman spoke with former Colorado U.S. Representative and occasional stand-in host Tom Tancredo on the Obama...

50,000 Watts of Hate: Calling out Colorado’s radioactive talk radio

A cynic could argue that the invective sputtered on right wing talk radio is simply entertaining shtick designed to create controversy that attracts listeners and advertisers. Yet to hear the noxious rantings of those most targeted on the AM dial — women, lesbians and gay men — is especially disturbing in context of the 2008 election cycle that broke race, sex and gender barriers on both sides of the political spectrum.

Immigrant crash story a magnet for myths

The newest immigration uproar in Colorado involving an undocumented immigrant who allegedly caused a car accident killing three people in Aurora has emboldened media outlets and conservative radio hosts to parrot factual inaccuracies related to immigration.
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