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Colorado school district buys military-style rifles for security

  News that the Douglas County School District in Colorado is arming some security guards with military-style, semi-automatic Bushmaster rifles is making the rounds this week. The...

Colorado GOP gun rights bills go down in lopsided battle

“This bill proposes that the answer to gun violence in the schools is to put more guns into the schools. I’m not surprised, because that’s the gun lobby’s answer."

Guns in schools for student safety

Patrick Neville was a sophomore at Columbine High School when two peers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, murdered 12 students and a teacher before...

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners pitch concealed carry classes for teachers

A deeply political and influential Colorado gun group is rolling out courses for teachers ahead of a hearing on a bill that would allow school employees to pack heat.

No permit needed to conceal carry at private schools, says House...

With the help of a female model packing heat, the bill that could allow Coloradans to conceal their handguns without permit on private K-12 school grounds and across most other areas of Colorado passed out of a House committee Thursday with bipartisan support.
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