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Colorado to test bill on Texas abortion law

Coat hangers long have been a specter of things past -- a symbol of the pre-Roe v. Wade era. But recent moves to outlaw...

Littwin: Republicans deal out a hand of overreach poker at the...

Looking at the array of problems facing Democrats in this post-recall election year, what do the Republicans do? That's right, just what you'd expect them to do.

Coerced-abortion laws part of new pro-life strategy

On a Friday morning in September 2005, 22-year-old Brittany Wilson sat in a Planned Parenthood clinic a mile away from her home in Sioux Falls, S.D., and bawled her eyes out. Ten days before, she had called the clinic to schedule an abortion. Three days before her appointment, she had called back to listen to some state-mandated information about the risks of abortion and her legal rights. And moments before, she had driven to the clinic alone and paid $447. But she was crying, she would later say, because she did not want this abortion.

Women’s Law Center: Record number of women in extreme poverty in...

According to analysis by the National Women’s Law Center of the 2010 Census information, “record numbers of women were living in poverty — and extreme poverty” in 2010.

Abortion rates have risen among poor women, report finds

According to a report released by the Guttmacher Institute yesterday, abortion rates in the U.S. have dropped in the past decade among almost every subgroup of women – except for the impoverished. From the years 2000 to 2008, low-income women accounted for 42.4 percent of abortions. The report attributes this exception to poverty and the country’s recent economic recession.

Video: Who are the women who obtain abortions in the U.S.?

The Guttmacher Institute on Tuesday launched its first animated short film, summarizing information about women in America who have abortions — information the institute usually releases in the form of reports and studies.

U.S. teen birthrate plummets, raising research questions

This year the birth rate for Colorado teenagers dropped significantly, mirroring a record drop for teen births across the country, which hit an all-time-low 3.9 percent, according to a report brought out by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics. That's a 6 percent drop-off from just last year. The figures are being celebrated as a great thing. How did we do it? Some are speculating it's the bad economy. Some say it's the roughly $1.5 billion taxpayers have poured into abstinence-only programs. Others say we're finally mastering contraception. The facts line up in support of the last of those three theories.

Among states, Colorado lags in providing for reproductive care

A new bill that would mandate Colorado insurance companies to cover birth control and maternity care is aimed at addressing the conditions that place Colorado among the worst states in the nation when it comes to providing for reproductive health.
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