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Otero County meloneers lament immigration stalemate

'In our area, there isn’t a big enough workforce pool to draw from. H-2A is a very restricted system with a lot of red tape. It's not a great program but we have no choice.'

Farmworker Bill Clears First Hurdle in House

It ran into stiff opposition from immigrant and worker rights groups, but on a vote of 7-4, the House state affairs committee approved a...

No Vote on Farmworker Bill as Testimony Goes Long

A controversial proposal to allow the state to take over the processing of federal H-2A visas stalled in committee Thursday as time ran out...

Immigrant Rights Groups Rally Opposition to Farmworker Bill

In what is sure to be a rousing committee hearing later today, lawmakers will debate a controversial proposal to create a state system to...

Proposed Bill Signals Hope for Farmers and Trouble for Rights Groups

A bill to help short-handed Colorado farmers is being criticized by some as the wrong way to address the shortage of agricultural workers in...
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