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Calif. Attorney General: ACORN committed no criminal acts

The California attorney general's office yesterday found the anti-poverty organization ACORN guilty of no criminal acts. The investigation, which came to the same conclusion...

Tea Party Express docks in Denver

DENVER-- The Tea Party Express tour (part three) has rolled into town and is holding a rally at the capitol here. The tour is hitting states where Congressional seats are in play and those include seats held by Colorado Democratic Reps Betsy Markey and John Salazar, both called out after their votes in favor of health care reform by Sarah Palin, who seems lately to be solidifying her place at the top of the Tea Party celebrity heap. There are rumors in the crowd here as there were in the capitol hallways today that Palin might speak to the Denver crowd even though it's not one of the two stops on the tour at which she is scheduled to appear.

The ACORN scandal, then and now

This week the Brooklyn D.A.'s office concluded a four-month investigation into the controversial ACORN sting videos produced last fall and found no criminality carried...
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