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From Oklahoma to the end of the world: the 6th-10th most...

Every year (and a lot more often actually) we take a look at which stories people read, which stories bring rushes of eyeballs to the site. Sometimes our most important stories get the most traffic, but a lot of times it is fun stories, off-beat stories that attract the most readers. We all know that car crashes and sex scandals sell newspapers.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart on the world ending

Will the world as we know it end on Saturday? No one knows. To help you in your weekend planning, though, we offer the insights of people who actually think they know, starting with Jon Stewart. We also sought out the sage advice of evangelical rapture author Tim LaHaye, who flat out calls end-of-world prophet Harold Camping a fraud and a false prophet.

VIDEO: End of the world is nigh–or perhaps not

The rise of gay pride is a sign delivered by God that the end of the world will begin in just a few short days on May 21. At least that is the prophecy of former Coloradan Harold Camping, the 89-year-old founder, president, and general manager of the radio network Family Stations Inc., the network that launched the end-of-world-campaign.
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