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Democrats target major health insurers as monopolies

Health insurance companies for decades have been exempt from federal anti-trust laws and are exploiting that privilege to generate enormous profits at the expense of patients, Senate Democrats charged Wednesday. The laws allow companies to feign competition while really colluding to set prices. The Seanate debate is fueling calls to make a public health insurance option part of any reform bill. Lawmakers — including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) — want to repeal the anti-trust exemption as part of broader efforts this year to overhaul the nation’s dysfunctional health care system.

Ritter joins governors group in expressing support for health reform

Governor Ritter joined 21 other Governor's today signing a letter that urges federal lawmakers to adopt national health reform legislation before the end of...

Colo. GOP chief Wadhams missed chance to target Reid in Nevada

Colorado Republican Party chief Dick Wadhams denied rumors recently that he was leaving the state to head a Nevada campaign to unseat U.S. Senate...

GOP strategist Wadhams not planning to play poker with Harry Reid

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams took a trip to Vegas and gave a presentation there for Nevada GOP Chair Sue Lowden, who is...

Democratic leaders and Redford gather in Denver

Project New West is hosting a summit through Friday designed to provide leaders with tools to better reach voters in the West. The two-year-old...

Udall hearing examines 1872 mining law; reform pits Reid against Salazar,...

Pulling hard-rock minerals like uranium, gold and copper out of the ground is a royalty-free proposition in the United States, despite the often enormous costs of cleaning up public lands after the fact.

No cake walk for victorious Democrats

In the wake of Tuesday’s elections — which swept a Democrat into the White House and widened the party’s margins in the Senate and the House — it’s tempting to conclude that the Democrats’ legislative challenges just eased, that the days of GOP obstructionism are over and that the party’s congressional leaders will have their way next year on Capitol Hill. It would also be misleading.

Reid to Lieberman: No lunch seat for you!

I love getting "Breaking News" alerts from Roll Call. Invariably they contain nothing at all of immediate importance, at least from the perspective of a guy who no longer works on the Hill. Do people in DC really need to know this stuff RIGHT NOW? According to an alert I just received, Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided that Senator Joe Lieberman "can no longer attend Democrats’ weekly caucus lunches or the biweekly chairmen’s lunches used to formulate policy." Well duh.

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