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Colorado maternity coverage expanded by law signed today

Colorado women not enrolled in insurance group plans won maternity coverage today, as Gov. Bill Ritter signed HB 1021 into law at Children's Hospital....

Colorado payday loan regulation battle moves backstage

DENVER-- The war to regulate payday loans in Colorado continues behind the scenes at the capitol here. Lobbyists and lawmakers are working hard to shore up votes for and against legislation introduced by Denver Democrats Rep. Mark Ferrandino and Sen. Chris Romer weeks ago. The bill is stalled for now as negotiations over proposed amendments continue. "We are working the bill hard," Ferrandino told the Colorado Independent. "And, as you know, the other side is definitely working it hard, too."

Senate passes bill to expand coverage of maternity care and contraception

DENVER-- The Senate today sent legislation for the governor to sign into law that will require insurance companies here to include maternity coverage with...

Colorado Republican senators argue against expanding maternity coverage

DENVER-- State Senate Republicans today opposed a bill that aims to require insurance companies to provide individual-market plans that include maternity and contraception coverage. The bill passed a second reading with the support of Senate Democrats, but Republicans said it would drive up insurance rates and swell the ranks of the uninsured. One senator made an anti-abortion argument against the bill and one argued against it for personal financial reasons.

Planned Parenthood presses Colorado lawmakers to support maternity coverage

DENVER-- Planned Parenthood of the Rockies staff and supporters descended on the capitol today as part of an annual effort to lobby lawmakers. This...

Beefed up maternity health insurance bill sails through the House

DENVER-- Lawmakers Monday passed a bill in the Colorado House that would require health insurance companies to include prenatal and birth control in all plans offered to women on the individual health care market. Sponsored by Denver Democrats Beth McCann and Jerry Frangas, the bill was stripped of this strong provision in committee weeks ago in order to move it onto the floor. House watchers expected to see a fight on the floor but the bill passed on a voice vote, with only minimal questioning from conservative Monument Republican Amy Stephens, who asked if the bill would now cover so-called Plan B contraception, the "morning after" pill, which some see as akin to abortion.