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Gessler goes after Buescher with direct-democracy cudgel

Denver attorney and state Republican insider Scott Gessler appears to be building his campaign for secretary of state on opposition to ballot-initiative reform. It's a move that positions him as a populist champion of citizen lawmaking at a time when broad consensus has built among lawmakers and analysts in favor of reining in the state's famously loose initiative process.

Rep. Lambert pounces on state AFL-CIO director, attacks Employee Free Choice...

During a hearing on legislation that would reform Colorado's ballot initiative process, GOP lawmaker stuns colleagues with off-topic questions targeting labor official.

Bipartisan ballot initiative reform bill gains unanimous committee support

Legislation introduced by Colorado House Speaker Terrance Carroll that would reform the state's notoriously loose ballot initiative petition process passed the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on Tuesday with an unanimous vote, underlining the bipartisan support the bill has gained in the week since it was introduced, partly due to the collaborative approach the speaker, a Denver Democrat, used in drafting the language.

Bill to Advance State’s Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants Flops in Committee

A bill to address ID requirements for people seeking public benefits hears emotional testimony and is postponed indefinitely on a 7-4 vote. A bill...
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