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Wiretap: Ebola as limited medical problem; large psychological problem

  An Ebola-infected nurse boarded a Frontier Airlines flight from Dallas to Cleveland, and the Ebola crisis moved to full-blown Ebola panic. It's not just...

Wiretap: Unemployment benefits end for a million Americans

And another 72,000 will lose benefits every month. At no time in the last 65 years have so many workers been without either a job or a government lifeline.

Early Bird Special: Unions picket Ritter, Colorado to get tourism bump

A daily roundup of some of our favorite news from around Colorado. • Dozens of union members -- including some who flew in from Colorado -- picketed Gov. Bill Ritter on Wednesday outside two fundraisers the first-term Democrat attended in Washington, D.C., 9News' Adam Schrager reports. Firefighters and grocery workers are angry with Ritter for vetoing two bills this year. "It's a matter of integrity and I believe he's failed in that category," said an Aurora firefighter. The governor supprts firefighters, but "sometimes leadership means having to say no to your friends," Ritter's campaign manager wrote in an e-mail to Schrager.