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Coffman cites Obama’s tapping of strategic reserves in bill to promote...

What Republican Congressman Cory Gardner hopes to do for offshore oil and gas drilling in Alaska, his fellow Colorado GOP House member Mike Coffman is looking to do for onshore drilling on federal lands across the country -- strip away perceived environmental regulatory hurdles. Coffman dropped his Facilitating American Security Through Energy Resources Act (FASTER) bill on Monday and immediately got blowback from environmental watchdog groups.

Study: Political leadership, policy draw green jobs, capital to Colorado

A new report by an independent Montana-based nonprofit research group indicates Colorado is well ahead of other Rocky Mountain states in developing a green...

Study blames developers, failed public policy for high costs of fighting...

Coloradans living in the high-fire-risk wildland-urban interface (WUI) have been casting nervous glances at the hazy horizon the last few days as smoke from the massive Station fire in Southern California makes its way 1,300 miles to our normally cobalt-blue skies.

Is oil and gas overrated?

Colorado’s recent energy boom has impacted the environment without having economic benefits as great as those generated by other industries, according to a new study. The report produced by the nonprofit research group Headwaters Economics, concludes that Colorado needs to lobby the federal government harder in order to control the pace of energy development on public lands, use state authority to protect the landscape of impacted communities and change the mineral tax structure to capture more value.