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Independence Institute on Obamacare: It’s not about the Commerce Clause

The Independence Institute, a Denver-based free-market think tank that has lead the charge in Colorado against the Affordable Care Act, has filed what it is calling two "potentially game changing" briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court. The court this week is hearing arguments on the constitutionality of the two-year-old law.

Perry debuts ‘like a piñata’ at GOP debate, wins applause for...

All eyes focused on Texas Gov. Rick Perry as he made his debate debut Wednesday evening at the fourth GOP showdown, this one hosted by Politico and NBC.

VIDEO: Politifact gives ‘Pants on Fire’ rating to ad by conservative...

The venerable fact-check website PolitiFact rates a recent web ad by the Karl Rove-affiliated 501(c)(4) nonprofit group Crossroads GPS — on supposed breaks in complying with health care reform the Obama administration is giving to unions as favors — as ‘Pants on Fire,’ finding no proof of any secret deal.

Suthers responds to criticism of support for Defense of Marriage Act

Republican Colorado Attorney General John Suthers Saturday explained to critics again why, on behalf of the citizens of the state, he joined a Massachusetts gay marriage case. Progressive groups have accused Suthers of overreaching in support of an anti-gay politics agenda and have ridiculed his explanations for the move as waffling and unconvincing. Attorney General's office spokesman Mike Saccone told the Colorado Independent there's nothing inconsistent about Suther's position and that Suthers penned an op-ed for the Denver Post in response to criticism.

Saletan: Election was all about health care and Republicans lost

Slate columnists and self-described "liberal Republican" (read: former Republican) Will Saletan wrote that Speaker Nancy Pelosi won and the Republicans lost the midterm elections....

Mixed-bag Anthem settlement and Obamacare funds put insurers on notice

Although a large portion of the $20 million that health insurance giant Anthem Wellpoint agreed to pay Colorado policyholders will simply funnel back to Anthem, the settlement and the new $1 million that Colorado insurance industry regulators will receive this year through the new health reform legislation sends a strong message to insurers to deal fairly in the state, according to consumer advocates and commissioners at the state's regulatory Division of Insurance.

Embattled anti-abortion Stupak done with Congress

Congressman Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) will not seek re-election. The 58-year-old former state trooper served in Congress for 18 years, winning 9 terms, but he...

Wiens signs Club for Growth health reform repeal pledge

Even as the most fiery of the health reform rhetoric cools, mostly self-financed Colorado GOP U.S. Senate candidate Tom Wiens is making his signed...

Gallup: Country so far split on health reform

The media and politicos have been dwelling obsessively on polling around the health reform legislation. For now, though, the data is fairly inconclusive. The...

Vocal Archbishop Chaput so far silent on Church sex scandal

The latest chapter in a widening scandal of Catholic Church pedophelia and cover-up that counts thousands of victims on two continents unfolded spectacularly last...
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