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Iowa Power Rankings: Ron Paul leading

A major disconnect is underway that makes it difficult to know exactly how the caucuses would play out if they were held tonight. That is, the candidates who are surging in polling are those who aren’t spending time in Iowa, a state that values its grassroots, retail politics.

Latino vote up for grabs, but GOP rhetoric may cost votes

Latino entrepreneurs, conservative policy groups and media outlets continue to closely track what GOP 2012 presidential candidates are saying about issues important to Hispanic voters.

Occupy Movement may get free billboards

Occupy Wall Street and its many spinoffs may be on its way to getting at least one billboard. EpicStep will donate a billboard if at least 20,000 people go online and vote for a design and a city to place it in. If enough people vote, EpicStep has announced it will donate two billboards in the heart of Times Square.

Herman Cain to occupiers: Get a job

Herman Cain made it very clear how he feels about Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and how they should be handled by the Obama administration and lawmakers. Obama should, according to Cain, “tell them to go home and get a job.”

In a fluid field, Perry still leads Iowa

There is little doubt of the continued fluidity within the GOP field, and Iowa — as home to fiscal and social conservatives searching for an ideal candidate — remains one of the best places (if not the best) to ride the roller coaster of the 2012 Republican nomination and presidential election.

Perry now the favorite to win Iowa caucuses

If there has been a single thread that has connected the previous 11 editions of The Iowa Independent’s Power Rankings, it has been an overall feeling of discontent among Republicans as activists in the state search for someone who represents their views and that they believe also stands a good chance of unseating Democratic incumbent Barack Obama. Today, that looks more and more like Rick Perry.

Santorum: ‘A tree is a tree. Marriage is marriage.’

Rick Santorum discusses why no Catholic has ever received the Republican nomination for president and rails against marriage equality.

PPP: Perry rides tea party, anti-science wave to front of pack...

As if to prove Colorado College political science professor Bob Loevy is correct when he says the current presidential nominating process gives too much power to fringe groups in small states, Rick Perry is riding a strong anti-science sentiment to the lead in Iowa polling. He also leads Republican contenders in Colorado.

VIDEO: Iowa’s feisty debate ups straw poll ante

AMES — Tensions reached their apex Thursday night during the Fox News/Washington Examiner GOP presidential debate, sending Republican enthusiasm through the roof with less than 48 hours until the Ames Straw Poll gates open Saturday.

VIDEO: GOP presidential candidates fundraise for anti-gay groups

A number of Republican presidential candidates are raising money for family policy councils, state-based religious-right groups affiliated with the Family Research Council, a group that the Southern Poverty Law Center says is an anti-gay hate group.
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