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An effort to curb campus sexual assault is on life support...

Update: The Senate Appropriations Committee, controlled by Republicans, killed this bill on Tuesday, May 1.  Jessica Higgins never reported. After she was raped her freshman...

Denver City Council sends higher-education tax hike to voters

Denver City Council members agree higher education costs too much in Colorado and that state and federal lawmakers have failed to take care of...

#Coleg Notebook: Dr. Chaps gets results; hello budget

Dr. Chaps gets results  Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt has been all over the headlines (and the subject of Mike Littwin's most recent column), for saying that the feticide...

And they’re off: Colorado General Assembly Opening Day

Colorado's General Assembly kicked off its 70th session in classic Colorado style -- so bipartisan it’s hard to say who’s walking onto the court with the upper hand.

Pro-business in a dismal economy helps, but Hickenlooper faces budget-slashing nightmare

For somebody often awkward in his public speeches, prone to stutter-stepping his way through sentences, Governor-elect John Hickenlooper has superb skills as a salesman. Maybe it goes back to his days as a barkeep in Denver’s LoDo, bantering for a moment before moving onto the next table. Now he’ll be using those same skills as a street-savvy, business-friendly Democrat who will also become the most public face as state government faces the need to quickly cut $1.1 billion from the state budget.

Gardner backer Armey would end federal student loan programs in Colorado

Influential and controversial national conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks started the Tea Party movement last year and is endorsing conservative candidates across the country this...

Hickenlooper calls for integration among college programs

Democratic candidate for governor Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper told the Colorado Independent today that colleges, like divisions in corporations, do best when there is...

Bold bipartisan bill will rework Colorado higher ed funding

DENVER-- The Higher Education Flexibility Act passed the Senate last week and is scheduled to make it to the House Monday. It's a bold bill that would rearrange the relationship between public universities and the government. It would mean greater autonomy for university administrations which, for example, would be free to levy tuition hikes under 9 percent per year. Current higher education funding in low-tax recession-wracked Colorado has become unsustainable. The new bill seeks to buffer universities against a likely $300 million funding cut next year.

Judge orders CSU to release recordings of chancellor search meeting

A Larimer County judge this afternoon ordered the Colorado State University Board of Governors to make public further recordings of a closed-door session last month during which it secretly interviewed candidates for the university's new chancellorship and decided to select its vice chairman Joe Blake as sole finalist for the position. Judge Stephen Schapanski's ruling comes in a case brought by The Colorado Independent, the Fort Collins' Coloradoan and the Pueblo Chieftain, which argued the university violated state open meetings laws in its search for a chancellor.