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#Coleg Notebook: Senate supports ‘sticky’ syringe-surrender program

Resolving a sticky situation  Bills dealing with drug use and looking to lessen harmful impacts are winning solid bipartisan support this session. Last month, the...

Criminalization of HIV nondisclosure may discourage testing, study indicates

LANSING — A team of researchers has published findings that they say indicate criminalization of HIV may discourage testing and hinder efforts to prevent the spread of the disease.

VIDEO: Bryan Fischer says HIV does not cause AIDS

Adding to an ongoing list of controversial statements, American Family Association President Bryan Fischer is now claiming that HIV is not the cause of AIDS or the AIDS epidemic.

Obama pledges major funding increase for HIV/AIDS treatment

President Obama announced last week that $50 million in additional funds will be going toward treatment and care for people living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S.

Studies show HIV medications used as preventive measure can fight infections

HIV researchers on Wednesday announced that two new studies on the use of anti-retroviral medications as a preventative measure in those not infected with the virus that causes AIDS have proven effective in heterosexuals.

Simultaneous HIV and AIDS diagnosis occurs frequently in the United States

Americans infected with HIV are often finding out that not only are they infected with the virus, but it has done significant enough damage to their immune system that they fit the clinical diagnosis of AIDS.

In new guide, CDC says gay, bisexual men should be tested...

On the 30th anniversary of the first American publication to note a strange new disease in previously healthy gay men, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has issued a new guidance on how often gay, bisexual or men who have sex with men should be tested for HIV.

New study: Marijuana could slow HIV

A study documented today in the June issue of the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses concludes that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana may slow the spread of simian immunodeficiency (SIV) in monkeys. SIV is essentially the simian version of HIV.

Suthers opposes Obama move to strike laws criminalizing HIV tramission

Earlier this month, the Obama administration detailed a plan asking states to phase out laws that make HIV transmission a crime. In Colorado, the move would affect at least three laws related to sex crimes and prostitution. Attorney General John Suthers, however, disagreed with the White House plan, saying that even though prosecuting attorneys may rarely use the laws to level criminal charges, the laws may well have a deterrent effect and should not be stricken from the books.

Man charged with spitting while HIV positive was denied meds in...

HIV positive William O'Kelly was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree assault with a deadly weapon because he allegedly spit on another man in a dispute. Yet when he was taken into custody, authorities held him for 24 hours without providing him access to his medications, partly because they couldn't confirm he was HIV positive even though, in effect, he was arrested only because he was HIV positive.
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