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Amid scandal, Colorado is at election storm central: Are we ready?

In Colorado, the state with the longest ballot in the country, 215,000 new voters have signed up since January. The woman in charge of the state elections department, Holly Lowder, resigned just weeks ago, after her cozy personal relationship with the beneficiary of several state election-related contracts surfaced. Lowder's boss, Secretary of State Mike Coffman, is himself the target of longstanding ethics complaints and is overseeing an election that he is also running in — to replace retiring Congressman Tom Tancredo. And, oh yeah, Colorado could be the deciding state for the presidential election. Hold on tight. It could be a bumpy ride.

There goes the neighborhood

They say these days we just don’t know our neighbors, and except for the nice guy a few doors over and that couple down the hall with the cat, I can’t say I know much about my neighbors, either. So imagine my surprise when fellow “The Boulevard” resident Holly Lowder got a picture of our building into the Rocky! And all because she resigned her post as the top elections official at the SOS office amid a scandal involving housing issues with one of her contractors.

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