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Denver’s safety oversight board blasts Hancock administration’s decision in jail killing...

The board that reviews disciplinary decisions in Denver's Safety Department says it's "extremely troubled" by Mayor Michael Hancock's administration's handling of the officers involved...

The ACLU accused Colorado Springs of running a ‘debtors prison.’ Today...

Colorado Springs officials met with the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado to discuss the group's complaints that the city had been running a...

Court shoots down Grand Junction panhandling ordinance

Federal district judge Christine Arguello on Wednesday put an end to Grand Junction’s panhandling ordinance, ruling the law violates the First Amendment right to...

Sit on the curb, go to jail

Sit in the wrong place in downtown Colorado Springs, and you could find yourself arrested. At least, that would be the case if Mayor...

Wiretap: Health insurance industry still less responsive than any glitchy website

Her policy got canceled and Obamacare will cost her more. Yet, after a day spent dealing with her unresponsive, unaccountable insurance company and after consulting with her conscience, she thinks Obamacare is the way to go.

A new ‘band of brothers’? Vets make up 25 percent of...

Alternet posts a damning story on the crisis of homelessness among military veterans. What next? Shall we festoon yellow ribbons on homeless shelters and abandoned buildings in a display of "support the troops" patriotism?

Colorado Springs halts homeless sweeps

Colorado Springs mayor Lionel Rivera issued a moratorium on homeless camp cleanups last week, saying he wants the city to explore the ethical and legal issues surrounding the practice, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Veterans group sues Colorado Springs contractor for raids on the homeless

A veterans group claims that a Colorado Springs organization has raided homeless camps, trashing VA paperwork, medication, photos, identification and even service medals belonging to homeless veterans. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Colorado Veterans Alliance filed suit in federal court this week, claiming that Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful violated the homeless veterans' civil rights. KCSB focuses on litter clean up, but also works with police officers to identify homeless camps and ask the residents to leave before cleaning up. The organization has received $45,000 in city funds.

Where are Denver’s homeless during the DNC?

Denver's social service providers beefed up for the Democratic National Convention to make sure that the city's homeless were well cared for during the chaotic event. But those efforts may have been for naught. According to Greta Walker, spokeswoman with the Denver Rescue Mission, it was business as usual at the Lawrence Street shelter. Though the organization provided 300 beds over the typical 200, just 250 cots were occupied throughout the week.

No vacancy: DNC may displace Denver homeless

Convention-goers in search of lodging at next week's Democratic National Convention may inadvertently squeeze homeless people out of temporary motel rooms.

Homeless families in Denver often board in the city's most iconic and dilapidated motels along Colfax Avenue, Broadway and Colorado Boulevard when the shelters are full. But with the DNC quickly approaching, some motels are already booked or have raised prices in anticipation of better-to-do guests. Denver's homeless officials worry that some families will be left to stay on the streets.