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Guest Post: Fear of homeless people underlies opposition to I-300

Denver Initiative 300, which would end the city's ban on overnight camping in public spaces, has provoked important conversations about governance of and access...

Griego: Gone to Market

This past spring, I received a marketing postcard from my former real estate agent in Denver. The card was one of those oversized, glossy...

Hancock’s affordable housing plan passes handily on first vote. Herndon’s alternative...

Denver City Council on Monday unanimously gave preliminary approval to a plan put forth by Mayor Michael Hancock and council members Albus Brooks and...

Hancock’s affordable housing plan met with doubts

Mayor Michael Hancock’s plan to support Denverites who are struggling with skyrocketing housing costs is receiving a decidedly mixed response from city council members. The...

Breaking bad news to affordable housing seekers

Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news – least of all the good folks who are trying to help Coloradans find much-needed...

GOP economic plan: ‘Foreclose, baby, foreclose,’ then ‘drill, baby, drill’

One of the themes that emerged from last week’s Republican presidential debate in Nevada – the foreclosure capital of the United States – is that GOP candidates largely don’t think the federal government should do much to fix the ongoing housing crisis.

Census: Millions of livable homes stand vacant across the U.S.

Newly released Census data reveal that, as other evidence suggests, the recession has battered some areas harder than others. Census Bureau statistics show that 11.3 percent of residences in the U.S., about 13.2 million homes, stood vacant in 2010. There was a great deal of variation, however, among the 50 states.

Finger pointing begins as move to stem foreclosures fails

WASHINGTON-- Only a year ago, hopes were high that a big push by the government to stop foreclosures would be a great success, living up to its billing as “Help for America’s Homeowners.”

Last January started out with a foreclosure moratorium, allowing time for the Obama Administration to put the final touches on Making Home Affordable — its $75 billion signature program aimed at helping 3 to 4 million homeowners. After bailing out banks and the financial system, the administration turned its efforts to borrowers on the verge of losing their homes. The program rolled out with fanfare in the spring. But as 2010 begins, it is already clear that Making Home Affordable has fallen far short of its goals.

House Passes Bills to Address Subprime Loan Crisis

One in 33 homeowners will face foreclosure in the next two years because of subprime loans made in 2005 and 2006, according to a...
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