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Littwin: The real story of the failed Obamacare repeal: GOP can’t...

The great lie of the long-running Obamacare debate has officially been revealed. The reason Republicans spent seven years without offering their own health care...

Littwin: Aw-shucks, America, Indiana never even heard of discrimination

In case anyone is still confused, the world has officially changed, including the part that belongs to Indiana. In today's world, when you pass a...

Herman Cain to occupiers: Get a job

Herman Cain made it very clear how he feels about Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and how they should be handled by the Obama administration and lawmakers. Obama should, according to Cain, “tell them to go home and get a job.”

Palin gives nothing to Norton in Denver

DENVER-- In a highly anticipated speech here coming the night of the Republican state assemblies, tea party star Sarah Palin rallied a crowd of 6,000 conservative Coloradans that included a raft of state Republican politicians at the University of Denver's Magness arena. She railed against President Obama and heaped praise on Ronald Reagan-- and said nothing at all about the heated race for U.S. Senate that has pitted Weld County D.A. Ken Buck against former Lt Governor Jane Norton.

A Palin right-wing media acknowledgments list who’s who

Colorado Independent colleague Dave Weigel at the Washington Independent offers an informed guessing annotation of the acknowledgments list that appears in Sarah Palin's memoir,...

Winger radio host Hewitt brings ‘Boycott GM’ message to Colorado

Radio talker Hugh Hewitt -- fresh off his call for American consumers to boycott General Motors -- arrives in Colorado on Friday for a congressional fund raiser in Denver and the chance to mingle with up-and-coming conservatives in Parker.
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