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Study: Energy boom hurting deer, antelope herds

The industrialization of once wild landscapes is partly to blame for dramatic declines in mule deer and pronghorn antelope in Colorado and Wyoming, according to a new report.

As bid to overturn Salazar’s Grand Canyon uranium ban moves ahead,...

After an Arizona Republican this week successfully attached a mining rider to a spending bill that would torpedo Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s ban on new uranium mining claims within 1 million acres of the Grand Canyon, Arizona business, sportsmen and conservation groups are once again rallying behind the moratorium.

Can outdoor recreation and energy sector coexist on Colorado’s Western Slope?

The oil-and-gas debate on Colorado’s Western Slope is as rife with contradictions as the ridgelines and valleys of Garfield County are with drilling rigs. Hunters in pickup trucks you’d expect to see plastered with “Drill here, drill now” bumper stickers instead sport the “Save the Roan” rallying cry. Ski-area executives whose industry in some cases was built with oil money can’t buy enough wind energy nor contribute fast enough to campaigns to raise oil and gas severance taxes.

Put your severed left forelegs on the Governor’s desk

As Washington Independent correspondent Art Allen reported yesterday, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is a proponent of a video game-style of hunting, where hunters shoot animals, like wolves and bears, from the sky in a low-flying airplane.

Western Slope Round-Up: Warm Weather Challenged Hunters

The number of deer and elk in Colorado is steady, but the number of successful hunters seems to be down this year. Did a...

Western Slope Round-Up: Keeping the Peace

We cover two subjects of importance over the Divide: keeping the peace and watching the weather.Delta In; Aspen Out Last week's Western Slope Roundup included...

Rifle Big Game Hunting Season Starts Today

A sporting goods store in downtown Rifle is ready and waiting for the elk hunters coming in for limited licensed rifle elk hunting over...
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