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Fladen: Stay Classy Drudge Report

So Drudge Report just linked to a story about an 11-year-old boy who dies in his attempt to cross the border. The headline Drudge ran over the story should be universally condemned.

Tancredo slams Perry as an ‘arrogant, open border, pro-amnesty politician’

Former Colorado Congressman and anti-illegal immigration crusader Tom Tancredo has no patience with Republican presidential frontrunner Rick Perry, the Texas governor with the Hollywood hair who fired up the right when he announced his candidacy but who has stumbled under the national spotlight ever since. In the wake of last week's GOP candidate debate, Tancredo decried Perry as an arrogant "name-calling, open border, pro-amnesty politician."

Colorado Latino lobby day underlines lopsided nature of immigration debate

DENVER-- When hundreds of Coloradans flocked to the capitol here Monday for the state's fifth-annual Latino Advocacy Day, it was a rare recent instance in the state and around the country where support for policies that embrace immigration, U.S. Latino communities and the rights of undocumented residents stole the spotlight from support for policies that set deporting "illegals" and establishing border security as top priorities.

Tancredo supports new Ariz. immigration law but mostly as a lever

Coloradans and national politics watchers generally will not be surprised that former Colorado Congressman and anti-illegal immigration champion Tom Tancredo celebrated the new broad...

Tweet of the Week: Obama is NOT the GOD of State...

Like many of us, State Sen. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs, shares his daily reading with his followers on the Twitter. This week the lawmaker...