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Denver immigrant groups blast Sunday ICE raids as ‘terror’ tactic

Reports that Denver will be targeted in a national immigration crackdown on Sunday were met with anger, skepticism, defiance and fear Friday. “This is a...

ICE spokesman battles characterization of ‘secret’ subfield detention facilities

In a series of charged emails to the Colorado Independent prompted by a report on the existence of unlisted immigrant-detention "subfield offices" in the state, Carl Rusnok, a spokesman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, wrote to clarify that the offices were used only for processing suspects. He said immigrants suspected of violations were held at the agency's subfield offices for up to approximately two hours before being transferred to long-term holding facilities. He conceded that contact information for the facilities was unavailable and that detainees being processed at the offices were not allowed to contact relatives or attorneys before being transferred to the larger facilities. The nature of the processing done in the offices, however, was merely transitional, he wrote, and the offices were not "secret."
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