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Hot-button immigration issues mostly a 2010 campaign distraction

While serious discussion of immigration policy reform has been generally avoided for the past year, the politics of immigration have weaved their way through the health care debate as a pet topic on the right, spurring some of the most heated exchanges in blog comment threads, at town hall meetings and, of course, in a joint session of Congress in September, when South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson broke U.S. House decorum by shouting out "you lie" and waving a finger at President Obama for denying that national health care legislation would provide free coverage for illegal immigrants.

Here They Come: Tea Parties Against ‘Amnesty’

The immigration restrictionist group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) said it’s flooding Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, and planning another round of Tea Parties,...

Senators slug it out while unemployed suffer

WASHINGTON — A protracted partisan U.S. Senate skirmish has left hundreds of thousands of jobless Americans without unemployment benefits — an impasse that Democrats leaders are hoping to break this week. They have their work cut out for them.

Polis: ‘287(g)’ immigration crackdown laws create ‘sweep of terror’

A federal program known as 287(g), which grants broad immigration enforcement powers to local law enforcement agencies, has resulted in a "sweep of terror,"...

Sen. Schultheis: Immigration reform is ‘anti-American’

The GOP is doing its best to address the concerns of the state's growing Latino population. Or not at all. State Senator Dave Schultheis,...

Polis: Wilson outburst boosted momentum for health-reform plan

Outside a noon pro-immigration prayer vigil on Capitol Hill, Colorado's Second District Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis said that South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson’s...

Eagle County Dems rally against right-wingers, call for strong showing at...

With right-wing nutters jumping up at virtually every event featuring a Democratic elected official and shouting about everything from health-care reform to immigration policy...

Ritter misses mark on resorts’ foreign worker shortage

Gov. Bill Ritter’s comment Thursday that Colorado’s ski and hospitality industries are being hurt by tougher state immigration laws adopted in 2006 is only partly true.

Conservative blog: Tancredo lets slip plans to challenge Ritter in 2010

Did he or didn't he? The local conservative blog Rocky Mountain Right reports retiring Congressman Tom Tancredo told a Republican group last week he intends to run for governor in 2010. Tancredo's spokesman told PolitickerCO.com on Sunday night that his boss was joking, but the blog stands by the report and insists the "Tancredo candidacy is no joke."

Swift raid documentary to premiere during DNC

The local United Food and Commercial Workers Union is planning to show a documentary movie on the first day of the Democratic National Convention examining the aftermath of the Swift & Co. immigration raids that took place in Greeley and other cities across the nation in 2006.
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