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Lunchtime links: Wealthy Republican lawmakers want tax cuts; Americans want jobs

The Bush tax cuts, which will disproportionately benefit millionaire Washington DC lawmakers in relation to the rest of the nation's population, are a low...

Dueling political press event day: Caldara versus Romanoff

Today brings two big political press events: Former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff is meeting the press at his campaign headquarters sometime just after noon....

Bipartisan desire for grown-up talk about drugs not likely to be...

In an oddly rational television conversation on politics, the Independence Institute's Jon Caldara hosted state Sen. John Morse and Attorney General John Suthers in...

State Long-Term Fiscal Commission a ‘philosophical battleground’ by design

It appears at first as though an important political-cultural wall has crumbled. Provocative conservative talk-radio host Amy Oliver is offering testimony in an official capacity on state budget and funding priorities. She is a member of the legislature's Interim Long-Term Fiscal Commission, the site this summer of what the Denver Post called a battle of philosophies.
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