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Wiretap: How excited was Trump about tax cut win? So excited...

Donald Trump was so excited to finally get a legislative win he inadvertently let slip that Republicans had, in fact, been deceptive (read: lied)...

The deadline approacheth!

A week. That's how long some 250,000 Coloradans have to purchase themselves some Presidentially-approved, federally-mandated health insurance on the internet.

Wiretap: Keeping your lousy health insurance

So now there's a new promise. If your lousy health insurance was canceled, you can now buy even lousier insurance. If you want to. And you don't have to pay the individual mandate.

Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform law

Chief Justice John Roberts joined with the left members of the court to rule that the individual mandate at the heart of the historic Affordable Care Act is constitutional. The complicated opinion is being parsed by analysts at SCOTUS blog, but it seems clear the entire controversial Affordable Care Act has been upheld, granting an enormous victory for President Obama and for the already millions of Americans benefiting from the law.

Health care reform hit by federal appeals court

A federal appeals court today struck down a key provision of President Obama's health care reform law, saying the government could not force people to buy insurance.

American Medical Association members vote to endorse individual mandate

The American Medical Association’s delegates held their annual meeting over the weekend, at which the most contested issue under discussion was the individual mandate to purchase health insurance or pay a fee, and whether the AMA should continue, as it has since 2006, to officially support such a mandate. The mandate is a crucial component of the Affordable Care Act passed by the Democratic Congress last year.

Virginia health reform ruling bolsters case made by Suthers

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers took a lot of heat when he joined with nearly 20 Republican attorneys general to file a lawsuit against the national health care reform legislation just days after it passed. Detractors saw the suit as a bitter move less about law than about political spectacle. Defenders of Suthers told the Colorado Independent that Suthers was vindicated on Monday when a federal judge in Virginia declared a key provision of the health care law unconstitutional.

Metzger at The Nation: ‘Health mandate will be a tax on...

The Nation dedicated this week's episode of its "The Breakdown" to the attorneys general lawsuit filed this week against health reform legislation and joined...

Dueling GOP views on health reform constitutionality

Nowhere in the Constitution is Congress empowered to require Americans to buy health insurance, Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) charged today. “I am seriously concerned that...
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