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Report: Most state ballot initiative laws are ‘ripe for fraud’

A majority of states which allow ballot initiatives received a failing grade on fairness and transparency in the initiative process, according to a new report from the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC).

Doug Bruce has got to leave his house eventually

Doug Bruce remains for now one step ahead of the law. The controversial father of the Taxpayers Bill of Rights is apparently running from...

TABOR on Trial III: The Maine Event

Maine already has a TABOR-like spending-limitation law. Proposed by Governor John Baldacci, it passed the state legislature in January 2005 -- just two months...

TABOR on Trial: Trashed in Missouri

Last week, the backer of Missouri's TABOR initiative told a district court judge that initiative signatures should be considered valid even if submitted in...

Montana TABOR Update: “Deliberate Assault”

A quick update from the TABOR battle in Montana: In court actions filed Tuesday, Attorney Jonathan Motl accused that state's TABOR proponents of "the most...

TABOR on Trial II: Montana

Montana's version of TABOR, Constitutional Initiative 97 (or CI-97), hasn't officially made the ballot yet. Its signatures still await certification by Sec'y of State...

TABOR on Trial I: Missouri

The political advocacy group Missourians in Charge (MIC) turns out to be neither -- not Missourians, nor in charge. Not really a group, even...
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