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Ex-CIA official: Torture ban a ‘great leap forward’

Some important analysis from our Washington Independent colleague national security reporter Spencer Ackerman. President Barack Obama took a major step toward undoing the interrogation and detention policies of the Bush administration on Thursday, issuing four executive orders that lay out an unequivocal path to closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, constructing a new legal and policy architecture for terrorism detainees, and ending the CIA’s so-called “enhanced interrogation” regime. Both civil libertarians and ex-CIA officials involved in interrogations and detentions policies hailed the changes.

Fed’s fusion center analysis notes privacy risks, mission creep

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cares about your privacy. Really. And to prove it, the secretive agency established for "preserving our freedoms" recently released a report assessing the job of fusion centers — the intelligence-sharing operation that mashes national security data with suspicious-activity law enforcement reports for state, local and federal authorities. In an interesting moment of synchronicity with civil liberties advocates, DHS admits, yeah, there may be a few problems.

Reports of bikes, maps will go to state intelligence nexus

The Denver Police Department has issued a bulletin asking law enforcement officials to be on the lookout for stockpiles of supplies that could be used by “violent demonstrators” during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) next week, but civil libertarians are criticizing the memo for containing a broad list of innocuous items including bicycles, helmets and maps. Reports of such items will also be recorded and held for an indefinite period of time by a state “fusion” center, a place meant to share reports of “suspicious activities” with local, federal and military officials.

Monster fusion center to coordinate DNC intelligence

The Democratic National Convention will serve as a catalyst for the creation of a temporary "super fusion" center that two local police officials hope will permanently expand domestic intelligence powers in Colorado.

Local, state agencies gain spying powers under Bush plan

The U.S. Justice Department is proposing new domestic spying measures that would make it easier for law enforcement officials in Colorado to collect and share intelligence with the federal government.

Report: ‘Fusion centers’ called new domestic spying machine

Hot on the heels of an investigative series by The Colorado Independent and affiliates on “fusion centers" comes a new report by the American...

Colorado ‘fusion center’ to step up intelligence gathering during DNC

Federal and state law enforcement officials will increase intelligence operations during the Democratic National Convention, overseeing an information war room that will be staffed...
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