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McInnis still not talking about Hasan payment to Invest 2 corporation

Colorado Republican candidate for governor Scott McInnis and his staff have refused for weeks to discuss payments made to him for plagiarized water articles by the Hasan Family Foundation and why part of that money was diverted to Invest 2 corporation.

McInnis says he paid taxes on entire ill-gotten $300,000

One-time Republican frontrunner for governor Scott McInnis told the Colorado Independent he paid taxes on the entire $300,000 he was paid by Hasan Family Foundation to produce a handful of articles that, as has been widely reported, McInnis didn't write but mostly lifted from papers written years ago by Gregory Hobbs, now a Colorado Supreme Court Justice. But the money wasn't all paid directly to McInnis. According to Foundation tax returns, McInnis received the $300,000 in three installments, including one in 2006 for $112,500, which went to Invest 2 LLC, a now defunct limited liability corporation that listed McInnis’s wife Lori as its registered agent.
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