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News Poem: ‘On CNN everything is broken’

On CNN everything is broken. / Unhooked before loss of signal / before the plastic castle and the chapel.

Wiretap: Mental health intervention versus gun control

"The sobering fact is that there is little we can do to predict or change human behavior, particularly violence; it is a lot easier to control its expression, and to limit deadly means of self-expression."

Wiretap: No, it’s not Munich. Yes, the Broomfield fracking ban will...

Every conservative commentator, it seems, has described the interim deal with Iran as "Munich" revisited. It's an embarrassment to try to sell such simplistic thinking.

Wiretap: President Obama, still kicking

The political obituaries of Barack Obama have all been written. And they will almost certainly all be wrong. Obama has three more years in office, which is like a 100 more years in presidential years.

Wiretap: Nuclear deal

The nuclear deal with Iran has been called a historic mistake (Netanyahu), a cautious first step (Kerry), another Munich (National Review) and an important agreement of unknown consequences (most of the foreign-policy establishment).

U.S. selling tens of billions in war machinery to turbulent Middle...

American arms deals didn't come up in the "foreign policy debate" held during the presidential campaign just ended. Yet it's hard not to view them as a major plank in U.S. foreign policy.

VIDEO: Bachmann opposes any forgiveness of student loans

In a speech Thursday at the Commonwealth Club of California, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann batted down suggestions of student loan and debt forgiveness that have come out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, saying the movement isn’t offering permanent solutions.

Bachmann accuses China of theft from U.S.

On the radio program of conservative talker Laura Ingraham, Michele Bachmann rattled off a litany of complaints against China, accusing the country of blinding U.S. satellites with lasers, selling weapons to terrorist regimes and engaging in cyber attacks on both U.S. businesses and the military.

From Russia with no love for Colorado uranium mining climate

Uranium One, a Canadian company mired in controversy over its proposed purchase by a Russian mining conglomerate, is divesting itself of its Colorado mining interests because of “all the politics and all the local sentiment” against uranium mining in the state, an executive told the Colorado Independent recently.

In debate, Romanoff seeks to highlight differences Bennet calls ‘vanishingly small’

COLORADO SPRINGS-- The Democratic primary debate here Friday pitting U.S. Senate candidate and former state House speaker Andrew Romanoff against Sen. Michael Bennet was an odd tug of war. Romanoff argued that there were significant differences between the two candidates but Bennet argued that those differences were "vanishingly small" and suggested Romanoff was stooping to petty attacks to gain traction.
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